Beside the unique VO Collection, we also deal in loose diamonds and other precious stones. We offer high quality GIA and/ or HRD certified diamonds. Valentine Overseas’s Antwerp partner is a high quality diamond provider and one of the leading diamond exporters. He also has a long family history in diamond trading.

The company was founded was founded by a renowned collector in Antwerp, one of the most respected specialists in very high value and rare diamonds. Every piece is exclusive and is the fruit of the most advanced expertise in the industry. The latest cutting technology is used to transform the rough diamonds into perfectly proportioned diamonds revealing their optimum fire and brilliance. The stones are handpicked with clarity and color in mind.

In addition to white diamonds, we also use the full spectrum of colours; for instance, the collection includes an extensive ranges of beautiful yellow diamonds, pinks, blues and greens. Many pieces also include pinks, blues, greens and browns. A special array of shapes adds an additional dimension to the exclusive design of the jewelry.