VO x LEQUIO Collab

Valentine Overseas has started collaborating with Lequio in 2016, a Japanese luxury clothing brand originating from Okinawa, which focuses on making clothes while respecting and honoring the heritage and traditions of the island by using only the finest fabrics. Together with Lequio we have organized a very successful, exciting, and scintillating event!


In China, Japan, and Australia, Valentine Overseas has been involved in several important events and exhibitions. A variety of media is used to help promote Laurence Valentine Paris. While building brand awareness through participation in events, Laurence Valentine also exhibits on the internet and has appeared in various newspapers.


Valentine’s jewelry trade is all across the world, in France, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Singapore and mainland China, HK and many other places. In China, a showroom and a studio were established in Shanghai. Valentine is now planning and working on expanding Valentine to the whole mainland China, especially in 1st-tier cities, like Beijing.

In China, a showroom and a studio were established in Shanghai specifically for the brand. Valentine Overseas Paris is now planning and working on expanding the brand to all of mainland China.

In the end of 2012,Valentine started distributing this new collection in Paris and China through private channels and experienced great success. The first production of 80 pieces was acclaimed and sold in three months. Following this positive acknowledgement Valentine decided to polish and refine the concept and started for partner.


March 20, 2014.

Le Bal de Paris 2013

December 18, 2013
Miss China wearing Paon Collection

Delphine Ligneres Interview Harper’s BAZAR

November 21, 2013

My friend Laurence Valentine, a French jewellery designer in Shanghai, designs a lot of incredibly beautiful jewelleries. Her yellow diamonds and other precious-stones necklaces are some of my favourites. Designing such amazing jewelleries is a gift, a skill and a talent; you will never feel bored even if you have to wear them the whole day.
When free or on vacation, Ms Li will amble through numerous streets and lanes in Paris, looking for the designs she is fond of: “I bought a Lanvin silk dress and a pair of earrings in a shop named Karry’O, recommended by Martine in ‘I love your Style’”. Their vintage-style jewellery is very beautiful, elegant and charming, just like my Laurence Valentine modern diamond rings, they complement each other, and bring the best out of each other.” This passion goes far beyond the satisfaction luxury can bring.

Shanghai Daily Sunday

April 13, 2013


January 9, 2013
Yue Sai's 10 things every woman
should have a item of jewelry by VOP

Beijing Oriental
Plaza Opening

December 12, 2010

SFJAF 2010

May 19, 2010


May 9, 2010
Designer Laurence de Gramont with models and her jewelry